My first CAbi Scoop experience

I just returned from my first CAbi Scoop event in Anaheim and I thought it would be a good idea to share my personal experience and impressions with those of you that are reading my blog. Upon arriving in Anaheim there was pink everywhere (not just the castle in Disneyland) – it was pretty obvious that there were a lot of women in town, specifically at the Anaheim Convention Center. In fact, there were 3000+ CAbi consultants at the Scoop and all were wearing a vast spectrum of CAbi clothing.What struck me the most was the versatility of the clothing — there were very petite women and very curvy women all wearing the same fashions — and looking awesome. I also noticed the creativity each woman demonstrated in showcasing her own personal style. I saw how timeless many of the basic pieces are so that women can have a closet that will be wearable for many years and merely supplemented with the season’s fashion trends.

I’ve attended many conferences over the years while working in the male-dominated technology sector. Earlier this year I attended the Association of Image Consultants conference where I found the women to all be very friendly and willing to share information with newcomers like myself. The CAbi consultants were even more accommodating. Of course, there were a few that ignored me but on the whole I found the event to be full of exceptional women that absolutely loved their job.

The highlight of the weekend was the Fall 2012 Fashion Show. You would have thought you were at Fashion Week in New York or Paris. The models looked fantastic and were not stick thin! The theme is “The Pursuit of Happiness” which is something all of the CAbi consultants seem interested in excelling at. Of course there were awards given to exceptional consultants and awards given to consultants that met a reasonable set of metrics.

What struck me the most and made me glad that I chose to become a CAbi consultant is the culture of the company and ethical business practices of the executive management team. The conference closed with a prayer by the Chairman of the Board. I think I’m going to love working as a CAbi consultant.

Now I have to get my 16 shows booked!!